Bump to Breastfeeding Package

Guiding you through becoming parents, welcoming your baby with love and getting breastfeeding off to a brilliant start. This package includes a FREE goody bag, and support using mindfulness, journaling and creating your own positive affirmations around breastfeeding to help you feel in control, calm and confident. 

Price includes 2 visits, and hand outs and telephone/email support up to 6 weeks after your baby's birth.


Part One- Beginning Breastfeeding- a 2 hour course for mothers either one to one or with their partner/support person covering what to expect, how to know feeding is going well and navigating early breastfeeding challenges. This fist visit will ideally be at around 34-36 weeks of pregnancy.

Part Two- Hello Baby! An up to 2 hour visit within the first week after your baby's birth to offer an opportunity to debrief birth experience and to reassure you and guide you to overcome any early challenges with breastfeeding so that you can feel confident. 

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Separately, the Beginning Breastfeeding and initial postnatal visit would cost £120. Buy as a package for continuity of care and a saving of £21.